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What if women governed our world?

Maybe it wouldn't be such a shitstorm — getting worse. I think a lot of us have been forced to find comfort in an idea that our world is ruled by god. Unfortunately , if you look around, it’s quite clear that our world is ruled by men — perhaps a small few. So I'd be playing GTA, and for no real reason I'd pretend a passer by said something to me and take out both his kneecaps — my sister probably wouldn't do the same, but that’s what we do, we're boys, we’ve been tricked into believing that to be a man we must show less emotion than our female counterparts. We take out kneecaps.

If god is truly fair, caring and of love then god is a woman. If we want to return the rule of the world to anything resembling god, we must give it to women, we must give it to mothers. Mothers that will see nations as their children, mothers that may figure out how to rub out these lines on the map, so all the children can play together.

For me it’s terrifying to think we're governed by men who think just like I do. Honestly, I'm slowly learning to be better, but I'd be sorry for anyone who entrusted the worlds safe-keeping to me a few years ago. If there was any sort of world ranking I had to adhere to, everyone was getting blown out of the water. I can imagine the world’s leaders have some sort of Barclays Premier League setup up top.

Like many other oppressed, I think women have been greatly tricked. Religions downplay the importance of women, people downplay the importance of women. In some sense I think I can relate this to the struggles of the African. We have to stop inventing artificial problems and goals like “The most expensive watch in the neighbourhood”. Similarly women need to stop doubly solving crap problems like “better shaped eyebrows”. Stop contributing to business models that profit off of your lack of self esteem and keep you distracted. Distraction is necessary so that the wrong people may continue to hold all the power.

Now men aren’t all to blame for the competitiveness amongst ourselves, women have also contributed to the hyper masculation of men. It’s almost like a double trick. Women have outwardly spoken of their desire for manly-men over the years or at least we've been led to believe so. Let’s face it most things we do up to a certain age (I’d like to think) are driven by our desire for women. So when a woman shows her desire for the manly-man, we man up and push women out of positions of leadership. It makes sense for us to do so. If truly all women want are breadwinners, I’d like to have the wage gap pushed even further so I can quickly please said women.

If I was to say more I'd probably write a book, so I'll say this. Women are needed to push our world back in the right direction. Nobody cares about your eyebrows. That’s called a distraction. Stop competing amongst yourselves. Run away from anything you feel downplays your role as a woman, certainly do not encourage it. Cut men a break, we're not stones, we WANT to look after you because you are family. Stop telling us we HAVE to look after you because we are men. You equally should feel the same.

Written 23.03.2015